Research Center for All-Solid-State Battery
Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology

From Director

The All-Solid-State Battery Unit, whose main office is in Building G1 at Suzukakedai Campus, was established in the Institute of Innovative Research at Tokyo Institute of Technology in March 2018. With the cutting-edge knowledge earned in the Unit on the materials and technologies and the collaboration among industry, academia, and government, the Unit evolved to the Research Center for All-Solid-State Battery in April 2021, which is to lead the field of materials chemistry, solid state chemistry, and electrochemistry, and to cover everything from the basics of solid-state batteries to their implementation in society.

Today, our lives are enriched by storage batteries. On the other hand, storage batteries are now facing significant improvement in their performance. One of the solutions is to make storage batteries all-solid-state, which is the goal of this center. With recent improvements in synthesis and analysis technologies, computational chemistry, and informatics, the environment for all-solid-state batteries is becoming more and more favorable.

Making the most of this environment, our center aims to deepen our understanding of materials chemistry, solid state chemistry, and electrochemistry, to control the structure and properties of materials, and to realize solid-state batteries.

Although the ultimate goal of each laboratory is different, we aim to form and develop an organization with world-class research competitiveness through research projects that contribute to the realization of solid-state batteries.

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