Research Center for All-Solid-State Battery
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Introduction to the Research Center for All-Solid-State Battery

About us

The Research Center for All-Solid-State Battery brings in researchers with a wide range of scientific skills and expertise on all-solid-state batteries, which are attracting attention as next-generation storage batteries, and the materials that make up these batteries. We, as a team, are able to conduct research for the development of materials and devices with our own approach.
In the "Search" phase, we aim to discover new materials that can function as electrodes and electrolytes. We also aim to develop efficient methods to search for new materials by utilizing all of our knowledge, experience, computational chemistry, and machine learning. The structures and physical properties of the discovered materials are carefully studied in detail, and the results are used to develop devices that take advantage of the characteristics of the materials.
In the "investigation" phase, factors that determine the physical properties and performance of the materials and devices are probed with various techniques, such as crystal structure analysis using X-rays and neutrons, local analysis using spectroscopy, and electrochemical evaluation, to explore the causal relationship between the structures and physical properties from the angstrom scale to the device scale. The results are fed back to further performance improvement and material exploration.
In the "fabrication" phase, we develop new devices using the materials we have discovered. In order to demonstrate the original performance of the material in the device, it is necessary to consider various parameters such as particle size, crystallinity, a combination of materials, and compositing method. Optimization is carried out by combining process studies and electrochemical measurements. We also conduct non-destructive studies of device interiors during charge-discharge reactions, and construct solid-state battery interface models to clarify the interface reaction mechanisms.
You can find our research objectives and their contents, members, research facilities, and results obtained through our activities on this site.


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